Hannah Hong

(I like drawing)

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I Dream of the Colour Yellow

A decision-making visual novel with 20+ branching endings. This game is a dramatized version of how I view the world and go about my day-to-day life, struggling, living, and growing with my anxiety. The title of this game symbolizes two opposing meanings of the colour yellow, happiness and anxiety. Additionally, the colour yellow is rarely present in the actual game, giving the title a dual meaning of dreaming of anxiety and dreaming of happiness.


For this project, I fabricated and designed the 4-member K-pop group, all with names, personalities, and group positions. Then I created a K-pop style album which contains the following: CD, poster, lyric book, photobook, and photocards.


Frame-by-frame gifs

Miscellaneous works of art that have been physically distributed.


Hi, I’m Hannah and I’m an Illustration alum from Sheridan College. Sparked by the shows and games I grew up with, I've always dreamed of career in the arts. Now, with my ever expanding love and interest of different styles and applications of art, I create a variety of work in illustration, graphic design, visual development, and more.